Book Spotlight: Inside Little Britain by David Walliams, Matt Lucas and Boyd Hilton

Inside Little Britain

Inside Little Britain

Description: Written together with friend and journalist Boyd Hilton, this is a look at a year in the lives of Matt Lucas and David Walliams – the good, the bad, the mundane, and the monumental.

The year covered includes a mammoth nine-month Spinal Tap-esque tour where Little Britain goes in search of Great Britain. This milestone book offers an unrivaled close-up of a classic British comedy act, as it happens, at the height of its powers. But it is also a journey into their pasts, reflecting on how they achieved their success.

It covers their childhoods, family life, and early comedy performances as they found their feet; their complex friendship and working relationship; and the increasingly insane world they now inhabit.

Mixing memoir and travelogue to paint an engrossing portrait of fame and comic genius, Inside Little Britain is a candid look inside the celebrity bubble in all its glamour and awfulness.

BookieMonster Says: An absolute must-read for any Little Britain fan, or indeed any fan of British comedy. This is much more than just a background to the Little Britain tour, the autobiographical content is intriguing and adds more than a touch of pathos to the wonderful comedy of Walliams and Lucas.

This is also a moving portrait of what seems to be an almost necessary friendship between the two performers – the affection they feel for each other is palpable, and the reader can’t help but identify with the story of two extraordinarily talented blokes whose ordinary lives have suddenly become public knowledge through their extreme fame.

A very well-written book that defies any “cash-in” label. BookieMonster highly recommends!