A BookieMonster roundup

You may have heard over the weekend that Amazon and publishers Macmillan have been engaged in a staring contest.  If you haven’t here’s a general roundup from The Millions, plus a great piece of opinion on the whole shemozzle from John Scalzi.  Shots are being fired from all corners. Has the iPad release become the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand?

On a similar note there is an interesting Financial Times article on DRM and e-books.

And if you’re thoroughly sick of all that palaver, Mr Nobody is back! I’m sure I remember the original Mr Nobody book but who knows where and when I’ve seen it. And The Well Read Kitty reports on the impending release of New Zealand titles in the Popular Penguins series (yay!).

On my personal reading note I finished Wolf Hall. No more will be said until review is posted.

And I started reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman!