Ways With Words: Penelope Lively kindles publishing row with e-books for bloodless nerds’ view – Telegraph

Ways With Words: Penelope Lively kindles publishing row with e-books for bloodless nerds’ view – Telegraph.

“There are two points at which I might use a Kindle: when travelling, though I don’t do much of that any more, and when in hospital, which is quite likely to arise at some point. So that could be very useful.

“But as a general way of reading books, no. It seems to me that anyone whose library consists of a Kindle lying on a table is some sort of bloodless nerd.”


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  1. My Kindle does spend its fair share of time sitting on a table – it’s much easier to read a Kindle than a book while eating because it doesn’t fall shut if not propped open. It’s also tucked up in bed with me most evenings. It’s remarkably easy to read with one hand with the Kindle, which makes it much more user-friendly when reclining, especially when a cold room encourages the exposure of the least amount of flesh possible. It’s with me on the bus, and pulled out whenever I find myself waiting for something anywhere. If I finish a book I can quickly buy another with Amazon’s one click purchasing and have it instantly delivered to me to read. I’ve bought more books in the two months I’ve had a Kindle than I’d bought new in the last couple of years. Most of my books up to then were bought secondhand. I am definitely a convert, and am by no means a bloodless nerd. A geek maybe, but not a nerd.

  2. I think it was more her turn of phrase that had me giggling rather than the sentiment. I suspect if I could afford a Kindle (or similar) I’d happily use it though I’d be really interested to see if I did as much as I think I would. I like physical pages, physical covers, all the physical acts of reading and rarely get frustrated with the physicality of books, though that’s the kind of thing you don’t really notice until you try something different.

    I’m probably overly sentimental about it but I like the physical heft of books, I like that they take up so much room. I guess I agree with Lively’s words in part – I couldn’t have a library that was just a Kindle. I want to be surrounded by all those physical books too.

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