Book Review: Mr. Gloomingdale’s Downpour by A. Patrick Conlan

Mr Gloomingdale's Downpour cover

Mr. Gloomingdale’s Downpour: A soakingly amusing tale by A. Patrick Conlan, Gracewood Hollows Books, $9.99 (from the author), ISBN9780986454929, Available now.

Why do kids get all the best books? At the moment I think my reading passion is surviving on a diet of great kids books and Hilary Mantel. Thank god for Hilary Mantel.

To get back to the point… kids books! They’re awesome because they are funny, pretty and quirky… like Mr. Gloomingdale’s Downpour – not a “new” book but a “new to me” book – by New Zealand author and filmmaker A. Patrick Conlan.

Mr. Gloomingdale has a lot of facial hair and he is not happy. He is, point of fact, a grump. A grump who is (un)lucky enough to live with a lot of very happy, smiley faced daisies and some cute little creatures who sort of look like hairy ghosts. Whatever, they are very cute. Mr. Gloomingdale wishes for less cheeriness in his life which, according to the rules of kids books, goes terribly wrong and we find out Mr. Gloomingdale might not be the horrible grouch he insists he is!

This is a very individual book with lively and quirky illustrations, and a great story. I do have one quibble, and its production related – the font is too spaced, making it hard to read. If that problem was fixed it would be near perfect.