BookieMonster wants your help

I’m on a mission. Not a mission from god but a mission from me* to do something that changes the world, even just a little.

And the best bit is you can help me. Please click on the Givealittle widget to the right to donate, or see below!

This year I’ve had reason to be involved with a social/support group for queer youth, here in the Waikato. I’ve been amazed at the work they do and realised I want to do something to help groups like that, and help out young people (and their families/supporters) who feel alone, scared, bullied or just want to meet friends who understand. I’m particularly interested in helping kids outside urban areas to access the services or groups that are already available. I’ve seen the difference it can make to their lives and I don’t want to just leave it up to chance that other kids out there can also experience that difference.

I can’t do everything but what I can do is make connections, communicate with people, persuade and influence – and what I can’t do, I can find those others who can, and who also want to make a difference. So within the next year I want to start a non-profit organisation dedicated to working with, and fundraising for, projects for vulnerable youth of diverse sexualities and genders.

Where do you come in? Right now I need to meet people with the knowledge to make sure that what I set up is robust, well-planned, meets the right need and makes the difference I want it to. That takes money, mainly for petrol. I will be spending a few days in Auckland, meeting with contacts who are already working in this space, and I also need to work with community advisors who can help make sure I set up my non-profit organisation correctly.

I’ve set myself up a Givealittle page to raise a bit of money to do the above. The fantastic thing about Givealittle is you can give as little as $1 – and that $1 would be awesome!

The other thing which would be fantastic would be sharing this with people you think would be keen to support me, whether by making a donation, talking to me, donating webhosting space, donating any kind of service I may be able to use, or just by saying “good on you”. :) If they do then they can Contact Me.

So please donate to help me move towards my goal of helping others!

My next job is coming up with a great name for my cause. The youth have recommended Sparkly Rainbow Unicorns… I’m open to other suggestions. :D

*Unless you think I’m God, like my kitty does.

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