A minor thought

We consider it “inhumane” to keep a gorilla in an indoor, concrete environment with no exposure to greenery or anything resembling its natural habitat, and yet we put ourselves in these environments all the time. The Mind Does Not Belong in a Cubicle - Laura Smith - The … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Open Thread

Game of Thrones! Have you read it? Have you seen it? I hear the second season premiered somewhere the other night. So, I have questions. Did you see the TV show or read the books first? Do you think it's better to read the books before you see the adaptation? (Also, we need to talk about The … Continue reading

Clothes Swap!

So, in these tough times it's not always easy to keep one's wardrobe in tip-top shape. But your friend always has such nice things! What to do? Take her along to Clothes Swap next Sunday! This is your Henchperson's side project and it promises to be a lot of fun: the last one sure was! And … Continue reading