Book blogging in New Zealand

Booksellers NZ have a great article by Elizabeth Heritage on their website about book blogging in New Zealand, including some comments from BookieMonster. If you're looking for other great blogs to read or just to find out a bit about the book blogging community in NZ then it's definitely a … Continue reading

Guest Post : Mr Monster reviews!

As some of you know Mr Monster runs his own website Military Models and he does occasionally do book reviews (as well as scale model news, scale model kit reviews and general WW2 flim flam. I'm probably not supposed to call it flim flam.) I thought it would be something different and interesting to … Continue reading

Douglas Coupland

If, like me, you are an unabashed (or even slightly abashed) fan of Douglas Coupland's novels then good gawd y'all - you have to read this fantastic piece over at The Millions: The Un-Ironist: A Primer on Douglas Coupland’s … Continue reading