2012 NZ Post Book Awards judges announced

The judging panel for the New Zealand Post Book Awards for 2012 has been announced, and last year’s NZ Post Supreme Book Award winner is heading up the judging panel.

The judges are Chris Bourke, David Eggleton, Mary Egan, Paula Green, and Reina Whaitiri (Kai Tahu).

Read the full announcement and article on the Booksellers NZ site – Last Year’s Supreme Book Award Winner is This Year’s Top Judge

Book Review: Wyatt by Gary Disher

Book Review: Wyatt by Gary Disher, Text Publishing, RRP $23.95, ISBN 978-1-921656-81-1, Available now. Wyatt is a professional thief, and he’s back in town after some time away. There’s a job involving a pretty lady, an evil Frenchman and some expensive goods,  and Wyatt’s the guy to sort it out. And that is pretty much […]

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BookieMonster and the NZ Post Book Awards

So, this morning I was idly reading this and then I saw this (it’s the call for expressions of interest in judging the 2010 NZ Post Book Awards, in case you don’t want to look) and in a minor moment of full-of-my-self-importance-ness, I thought hey! I could do that! I’m a blogger, I’m a book […]

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