Book Watch, New Zealand Herald on Sunday – 13 July 2014

Purgatory cover image

The Martian By Andy Weir, Random House This science-fiction adventure thriller is up there with the best in edge-of-your-seat reads, combining imagination, science and a healthy dose of humour. Mark Watney is a botanist and astronaut stranded on Mars, left alone to survive on the Red Planet because of a mixture of bad luck and […]

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Book Watch, New Zealand Herald on Sunday – 18 May 2014

Engines of Empathy cover image

Engines of Empathy By Paul Mannering, Paper Road Press Is New Zealand the speculative fiction capital of the world? This book from new independent publisher Paper Road Press is evidence that we might just be. Witty and fun, with a highly original premise, the author takes us on a journey with Charlotte Pudding, in a […]

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Bookwatch – New Zealand Herald on Sunday, 12 May 2013

Shift By Hugh Howey (Century, $29.99) The sequel to last year’s best selling Wool, this is an intelligent and intriguing novel of a dystopian future. Howey has created a truly frightening story, one that asks big questions of our present selves. Shift approaches its subject matter from several different viewpoints: the politician who becomes embroiled […]

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My Book Watch for the NZ Herald on Sunday, 21 October 2012

Naked Truth: Lifting the lid on the New Zealand sex industry By Rachel Francis (Penguin, $35) An engaging and eye-opening social history of the New Zealand sex and adult entertainment industry, this is a fascinating read that tells the stories of several figures from the industry, from Flora MacKenzie of Famous Flora’s to Steve Crowe […]

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Book Watch 12 August 2012

The NZ Book By Jess Lunnon, Sandi MacKechnie, Michael Fitzsimons and Nigel Beckford (FitzBeck, $40) It’s a New Zealand themed Book Watch this week, starting with this quirky and gorgeous illustrated stroll around our country and culture. It’s the book Kiwis deserve – beautiful and “mildly entertaining” (as the publishers put it). Don’t let them […]

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My Book Watch column for the NZ Herald on Sunday – 8 July 2012

Wishy-Washy World By Joy Cowley, Illustrated by Philip Webb (Clean Slate Press, $24.99) Wishy-Washy World brings together Joy Cowley’s beloved Mr and Mrs Wishy-Washy stories (featuring their duck, cow and pig), previously only available in educational editions. A beautiful hardcover picture book with delightful illustrations by Philip Webb, Wishy-Washy World is only available at Whitcoulls […]

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