Looking for great books without the hefty price tag?

As mentioned I’m doing a teeny bit of work for Dailyread.co.nz – daily deals for great books! Here’s today’s deals (these prices include delivery too):

Mark Orams, Blake: Leader for only $16 – Dailyread.

AJ Jacobs, My Experimental Life for only $13 – Dailyread.

Have you had your Dailyread?

Dailyread (in case you didn’t know) is a daily deals site for books… great new books for around 50 – 60+% off RRP prices, and all the prices include delivery in New Zealand. I’m doing a little work with them, so I figured it’s time I gave them a plug to y’all!

Today’s titles are a great mystery/thriller from Irvine Welsh, Crime, and the perfect NZ summer book – Bruce Ansley’s Gods and Little Fishes: A Boy and a Beach, a memoir of New Brighton in the last half of the 20th century.

Bruce Ansley – Dailyread.

Irvine Welsh – Dailyread.


Last chance to buy books before Christmas!

Well my lovelies, this is your last chance to buy books from us before Christmas. From mid-next week we will be on a selling hiatus until mid-January.

No more chances for some spectacular or totally flippant reading material before you go on holiday! What will you do when the days are hot and there’s no internet connection?

Lots of our new books have been reduced in price too, so take the hassle out of Secret Santa, and buy a book.

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Last Days of our Moving Sale! Last $1 Reserves!

Remember my post about moving and you buying lots of books to save us having to lug lots of boxes around?

Help our friends and family from just $1 a day!

Our books are still mega cheap – and this is the last time you get a chance to buy the $1 reserve books – they will NOT be available again! Plus if you get in now we can still post before Christmas. Help a BookieMonster out today!

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