Kia Kaha Christchurch. One year on.

A year ago today Christchurch experienced a devastating 6.3 earthquake. I won’t overstate things but simply know that we send our best wishes to all our friends and readers in Christchurch.

And for a personal reflection on the year (well, longer really) that has been for Christchurch, we highly recommend reading Emma Hart’s post at Public Address:

One, Redux • Up Front • Public Address.

See Also… » Publishers hate you. You should hate them back.

See Also… » Publishers hate you. You should hate them back..

A spectacularly awesome angry rant from Steve Lawson, Librarian. Seriously, all librarians should introduce themselves as “Firstname Surname, Librarian”. Make sure you give it a “Bond, James Bond” inflection and a little head tilt. I love you guys.

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Emo pony

Jolisa Gracewood at Public Address posts her Metro mag piece on New Zealand fiction (which is awesome because I hadn’t read it yet) and the usual fascinating discussion ensues. Vanda Symon’s books are now available as e-books. Ian Rankin names his five favourite literary crime novels. Why isn’t stuff like title availability in ebook sales […]

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Links for you to love!

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas turns 40 – fantastic piece at The Millions to celebrate.

BookieMonster Henchperson – not only can she hench with the best of them, she can make jam. Jam, people!

Sir Terry Pratchett is coming to NZ. Go see him, it’s only 20 bucks. Wait, it’s only 20 bucks! I have a piggy-bank to raid.

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