Merry Christmas My Friends!

To all BookieMonster friends a very Merry Christmas! We hope your Christmas is filled with fine food, delicious drinks, good cheer and many, many kittehs.

Santa and Elf kittehs



Holiday cheer kitteh

And finally, my personal favourite and especially just for my wonderful husband, the legendary Mr Monster…

Sleep in heavenly peas


It is I, BookieMonster!

Yes dear cherubs, I am still alive! I have just been neglecting my BookieMonster duties lately. Still, I have good excuses. Personal stuff, which I only reveal in private. Work stuff, which if you know where I work you’ll understand why last week was KERR-azy. And… er… that’s actually it really.

Doesn’t sound so bad when I put it like that.

But enough about my dramas, what about me? Well, fortunately I have still been reading so I have 5, yes, count them, 5 reviews to write. And they are some doozies too. Fortunately for me, Rachel-Henchperson has been keeping you entertained while I have been quiet.

I will bring you further entertainment in the form of a lolcat. It is my current favourite lolcat because:

a) it is about farts and farts are inherently funny at all times and in all situations, and;

b) it has the word “poot” in it. And poot is almost as good a word as pantaloons.

And while I write my reviews you can entertain me by regaling me with your favourite fart words. Bottom burp. Fluff. Flarf. Or just favourite words in general. Leave them in the comments.

funny pictures - *poot*
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BookieMonster freaks out

So ZOMG you guys! This using the library again was such a bad idea. I love libraries – but it turns out I love them, like, way too much and now I owe my library 60c. Which, admittedly, is a heck of a lot less than I owe many other people but weirdly it annoys me the most.

I’m like a little monster in the corner holding all the library books, biting at any hands that try and snatch them back. “I haven’t read them yet, yarrrrgh. Ruh. Ruh.”

But see all those books down there ↓ ? There is too many and I do not have unlimited reading time.  And, just between you and me, that is just a selection. I have more that need to be read.

My main problem is choice, as in, I need it. I can’t just line them up one by one and knock ‘em down. I have to spread them all out and lovingly smell them and gaze at the covers and pick them up and put them down and think “I’ll read that one, no, maybe that one” and…

…I’ve said too much.

So do you have a pile of books waiting to be read? Do you love it or resent it? Do you have just one at a time? Do you restrict yourself? Are libraries a danger to your personal well-being?*
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*I’m just kidding, libraries, I love you, really. Just damn you and your deadlines.

And the winner is…

The winner of The Crime of Huey Dunstan by James McNeish is… Tonya Drabble!

I’ll email you shortly!

And the loser is… me. For not announcing this on Tuesday night like I was supposed to. No excuses – epic fail on my part.

I’m so sorry you guys! :(

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