We have winners!

So the time to post comments on

BookieMonster’s getting a new look – you can win books!

finished last night and we have winners!

And the winners are… everyone who commented! Yes, a big thanks to:

Jack P

who all took the time to leave a comment.

I’ll email you all to get your postal addresses and send you out some reading material!

What’s BookieMonster reading? The Dark Adapted Eye by Barbara Vine

I have to confess, I have played hooky from my review reading to take in The Dark Adapted Eye by Barbara Vine – and I am not the least bit guilty! :twisted:

Another fantastic read by Vine, I just devour her books now and am forever in the debt of those who recommended her to me! Amazing twisty, turny narratives, brilliant writing. Just some seriously good stuff.

In other BookieMonster news, Mr Monster and myself and Little Monster are moving out of Auckland in 5 weeks. Needless to say I will be a little quiet as this is quite a big move for us and involves a lot of being busy! But it is also a huge step forward for us and we are embracing it with open arms.

And I am not freaking out in the slightest. 8-O

BookieMonster will still be with you, however! I will just have a much nicer view to inspire me as I write. :)

Lucky for you though, it means there’ll be more bargains available on Trade Me as we get through stock (moving books is hard work!) so be sure to keep checking our listings:  http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=1998646

What are you reading and doing in your life?

BookieMonster’s getting a new look – you can win books!

Dear Readers, we need your help! We are going to be doing some site design refreshing and giving everything a little zhuzh (pronounced zhuzh) and we’d like to know some of your feedback and thoughts!

So if you would be so kind as to leave a comment with any feedback you have about the site look and layout as it currently is – anything you like, anything you dislike.

I’d also be really interested in what you would like to see in sidebars – that’s those things to the right —>

How do you find things on the site? Do you visit and read the pages or just the posts? Do you find it easy or difficult to navigate around?

Did you know we have a Twitter account? Did you know we have a Facebook page?

Is there something you wish we had but don’t? Is there something you’re sick of seeing?

In summary – any thoughts would be appreciated!

Now, we don’t expect you to give up your opinions without being rewarded, oh no! So everyone who posts a comment between now and 6pm next Thursday (25 November) will go into a random draw to win a random book. In fact, there will be approximately 5 books up for offer, so you get 5 chances to win! And possibly more. Because we really want to know what you think so we’re trying to bribe you as much as possible.

Your winnings will be from our selection and may be a secondhand book or a new book, but we won’t send you out anything really crappy. :D

Changes at BookieMonster

Just a warning that I’m going to be playing with the look of our beloved blog again shortly. I hope this isn’t too annoying for readers – feel free to flay me in the comments if it is!

But we felt that the current look is too busy and people were starting to comment that they had difficulty finding things.

Plus BookieMonster Henchperson was all like “ZOMG Bookie, there’s SO much blue.” That is why I have a henchperson! To tell me like it is.

So, really I’m just warning you that if you open BookieMonster one day and it looks different do not fret, dear ones! Do not go away and think we have forsaken you – forsooth, we have not! We just might look a little different and there may be a bit of too-too-ing while we get things running properly.

If you can’t find what you want, always feel free to leave a comment and ask us!

Thanks for your tremendous patience and your tremendous support. We have wonderful visitors and readers and I can’t really adequately explain to you all how much this site means to me and how much your support means to me.

BookieMonster gains a new contributor!

Exciting news, y’all! Please join me in welcoming….. our new contributor, Rachel!

It seemed a great time to get some new writing in here and expand a bit and generally cover over the fact that I am an not looking after you well enough by myself! So, you will see new posts going up that have Posted by Rachel on them and you should all comment and be lovely and pushy and controversial and stuff. :)

My plans to take over the book world continue apace! :twisted:

I’ve said too much…