Last chance to buy books before Christmas!

Well my lovelies, this is your last chance to buy books from us before Christmas. From mid-next week we will be on a selling hiatus until mid-January.

No more chances for some spectacular or totally flippant reading material before you go on holiday! What will you do when the days are hot and there’s no internet connection?

Lots of our new books have been reduced in price too, so take the hassle out of Secret Santa, and buy a book.

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Last Days of our Moving Sale! Last $1 Reserves!

Remember my post about moving and you buying lots of books to save us having to lug lots of boxes around?

Help our friends and family from just $1 a day!

Our books are still mega cheap – and this is the last time you get a chance to buy the $1 reserve books – they will NOT be available again! Plus if you get in now we can still post before Christmas. Help a BookieMonster out today!

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BookieMonster’s Moving – and You Get the Sale!

I know I’ve tweeted this rather consistently recently… but BookieMonster’s on the move (or at least BookieMonster and Mr and Little Monster. Oh, and BookieMonster Kitty the 2nd. BookieMonster’s Henchperson is staying put).

We’re leaving Auckland behind to luxuriate in the small-town gorgeousness that is Te Aroha (East Waikato). If you’re nearby say hi! If you’re passing through after Christmas say hi!

Or just say hi, because the interwebs is everywhere!

Aaaaanyway what this means for you, dear readers, is it’s sale time! We don’t want to be lugging boxes and boxes and boxes of books around the country. Think of my friends and family who are helping us move – don’t make them carry lots of books! Don’t be cruel!

Help our friends and family from just $1 a day!

To make it easy and enticing for you to help us get rid of all these books we’ve made them mega cheap. Cheaper than a budgie in a box. (No, I don’t know what that means, yes, I did just make it up.)

We’ve got our world-famous $1 Reserve books for sale, as well as almost 600 books for under $15!

I can hear you all now. “OH MY GAWD BookieMonster ru srs??”. Yes chickadees, I am very srs.

Christmas presents! Summer reading! A chance to receive your very own world-famous BookieMonster bookmark! These are all opportunities not to be missed.

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Winter, begone! Hello sunshine…

I really need to work on my headline writing.

Aaaaaanyway, spring will be here tomorrow! Officially, though looking outside at grey skies I am not entirely sure spring knows that it is expected.

Traditionally this is the time we start thinking about gardening and tidying up around the house and looking ahead to summer reading… this winter’s been tough. I’m looking forward to some warmth.

Here’s some BookieMonster suggestions for appropriate spring books:

Home & Garden

Good Green Kitchens cover

Health & Fitness


Yes, we sell secondhand and new books!

    BookieMonster’s Father’s Day Gift Generator!

    Father’s Day is almost here! And aren’t Dads just great to shop for? They’re always so easy, right, you know exactly what to get them, there’s always something they need…

    Ahem. Sorry, I was lost in some strange parallel universe there for a minute. Dads are awful to shop for. You never know what to get them. You want to get them something that tells them how amazing you think they are, yet doesn’t look like something you made in Standard 3 with macaroni.

    So they end up with another BBQ tool set. *sigh*

    BookieMonster's BookshopFear not, gentle readers! BookieMonster’s here to save the day with our handydandysuperduper Father’s Day Gift Generator! Just scan the detailed “Dad Descriptors” and choose the nearest fit to your Dad, click on the link, and before you know it it’s Father’s Day and you can present your gift with little-to-no embarrassment.

    And, helpfully, we’ll keep running these over the next few days so you can keep checking back for more ideas. :)

    Get purchasing! Those perfect presents don’t buy themselves you know!

    Win books with BookieMonster! What the Dog Saw or Cannibal Jack or Family Album

    Competition time! Hurrah!

    I am going to giveaway my review copies of three wonderful books that I lurrrrved and you will too!

    Family AlbumCannibal Jack cover

    I wish I could make my photos look purdier. Anyway…

    Yep – What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell, Cannibal Jack by Trevor Bentley aaaaaand Family Album by Penelope Lively! I’m going to give these away individually so you have three chances to win! Does that make sense?

    That’s right, three brandspanking new release great reads. So to enter please fill in the form below.  That’s all you have to do!

    But if you’re really keen you can also get extra entries by:

    1. Leaving a comment on the blog during the time the competition is running.
    2. Purchasing a book from us on Trade Me – visit to check out our aaawwwesome range of books for sale – new and secondhand! You can tell us what you’ve bought in the form below and every purchase gets you another entry.

    Competition is only open to New Zealand residents (or at least, I can only post winnings within New Zealand, sorry), and runs from the time this post is up until midnight Sunday August 29. Judges decision is final and we reserve the right to change details if mistakes have been made.

    And we WILL email you if you have won, and make an announcement post, so please check back on Monday 30 August for announcement and look out for an email (coz we aren’t dirty spammers, oh no). :)

    So get browsing, get filling in, get commenting…