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The Guardian has a list of 10 authors who are brilliant at Twitter. I am disappointed they haven’t done 10 book bloggers who are brilliant at Twitter. Who would want to miss these gems:


Win a copy of The New Zealand Woman! (plus a bonus draw for Twitter followers)

It’s time for another competition dear readers! And this is a doozy too… I’ve got three copies of The New Zealand Woman: 80 Glorious Years of Fashion, Food and Friendship From the Pages of the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly by Bee Dawson to give away! Check out my review here.

The New Zealand Woman cover

Wooden spoon? Check. Bowl? Check. Cookbook? Check. Red lipstick? You’re darn right I’ve got my red lipstick.

Winning is, as they say, a snap. Just fill in the form below and you could be one of three randomly drawn lucky readers! That’s it. The competition is open until 6pm Saturday 28 July.

This competition is now closed.

Plus I’m going to run an extra bonus draw for my lovely Twitterers…. between now and 6pm Wednesday 25 July just tweet using the hashtag #BookieMonsterandNZWW and the URL to this post (it’s ) and you’ll go in the draw!

Here’s some suggested tweets:

 I love @BookieMonsterNZ because she’s going to give me stuff if I’m lucky! #BookieMonsterandNZWW

It’s amazing how awesome @BookieMonsterNZ is! Really, I mean it. #BookieMonsterandNZWW

I just really want to win something. #BookieMonsterandNZWW

Books, yadda yadda. #BookieMonsterandNZWW

Or just make up your own splendiferousness! Just don’t forget to follow me, otherwise I won’t be able to DM you to tell you you’ve won. Doh.

That’s a total of four copies going, plus you can enter both draws. Get to it, what ho!

Rules and Conditions:

  1. The website competition will run from Sunday 22 July 2012 to Saturday 28 July 2012, 6pm. The Twitter competition will run from Sunday 22 July 2012 to Wednesday 25 July, 6pm.
  2. Each winner will win one copy of The New Zealand Woman, posted to a New Zealand address. Winners will be randomly drawn. Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. We cannot post outside New Zealand, sorry.
  4. Entrants’ details will only be used for the purposes of this promotion and will be discarded following the close of the promotion.
  5. One entry per person.
  6. The website draw winners will be notified by email, the Twitter draw winner will be notified by Twitter Direct Message.
  7. The name of the Winners may be published on the BookieMonster website.
  8. When a Winner is unable to be contacted via the information given, due to no reply or emails returned, a second winner will be drawn after 7 days.

I’d agree with that

I’ve been a bit quiet. Sorry.

But I made the NZ Book Related Twitterer’s List into a Page all of it’s own. Link s’over there, see →

I have a motherlode of library books to get through in the weekend.

And finally, LoTR fans – you be hating on me, but I couldn’t agree more with this:
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

The New Zealand book related twitterers list

Okay peoples, I have decided to compile a list of book related peoples on Twitter. To make it a little easier to go through I’ve divided them into rough groups.

If you think I’ve left you off the list (woops, sorry) or you don’t want to be on the list (woops again) or you think I’ve put you in the wrong group (hey, I’m human you know) then please feel free to speak up! This is a totally moveable feast, as they say.


@WieldingWords (also editing and proofreading)

Blogging and writing about books
@BookieMonsterNZ – yep, that’s me.




Phew. There’s a lot of you, isn’t there?

Waitangi Day – other people say it better than I.

I don’t often venture far from books on this blog (and if I do it usually involves teh kittehs) but I really wanted to draw your attention to this great post by @catatonichic from Twitter on her blog Confessions of a Southside Catatonic Chataholic, about Waitangi Day.

But it’s not just about Waitangi Day, it’s also about national identity, personal identity, Maori identity and personal history. It’s awesome. I can’t really say more as I think the post speaks for itself. Please to read it.

P.S. I’m wrestling with a Sydney Bridge Upside Down review…. it will arrive later…

A Little Library – bookie cuteness

With thanks to @idealogmag on Twitter for sending me to this link for a Little Library.

That is a bookie’s Cute Overload right there. And check out this and this and this and this and… (yeah, just check out all of it from the links) :)

P.S. If you’re on Twitter give me a follow (I’m a lovely follower-backer).